Renovating your bathroom without doing a full bathroom renovation is a key way to freshen up the look of your home without spending thousands.

Although bathrooms are generally small, they are one of the most commonly used rooms in our households and can have a dramatic effect on your property’s overall value if updated or renovated. If you have no idea where to start, or are clueless on what would make the most impact then have a read of our ideas below and see if a few simple bathroom upgrades are for you. You may decide that you want all of them doing in which case a full bathroom-overhaul may be needed and may actually be more cost effective. Contact us to discuss your options.

The first way you could upgrade your bathroom is by giving it a new lick of paint or a fresh tiling job. Even if your tiles are great, the grout or sealant may need replacing which is a minor job which would make a big impact. Black and crumbling grout isn’t a good look, so this will make a massive difference. Paint just doesn’t last as long, even if the paint is speciality designed for the steam, moisture and temperature a bathroom. So perhaps tiling the whole bathroom could be an improvement for a budget-conscious client.

You could upgrade your mirror, for example to a LED light up one. You could change the size shape of your mirror to make the room seem larger than it is. Making the room appear more spacious is a big selling point if you were improving your space to sell, so making the room lighter, brighter, neutral in colour and/or accessories for a pop of colour is desirable. 

Replacing your bathrooms taps is an option. Taps are a small piece of bathroom decor but this tiny change can make the world of difference to the overall look and feel of the room. Think about the style or character of your property when choosing taps. Keep them traditional, or go all-out modern, for example: waterfall features, if you are planning on making a statement or modernising the rest of the property. 

Another change you could make is adding storage solutions. We store so many products and beauty essentials, not to mention cleaning products in our bathrooms that it can be a bit stressful figuring out where to keep all this stuff. In this situation, organisation can bring a sense of relief. Bathroom storage units are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures to suit most budgets and tastes. For example most people have a free standing sink. Nowadays if we redesign a bathroom we think about adding built in storage to help families keep the clutter to a minimum by using the dead space under and around the sink to create neat little storage areas. 

You could install a new bath or shower. Even replacing the shower head with a rainfall one would make an improvement and maximise your luxury showering experience. You could go all-out, splashing the cash on a fancy one with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. As for baths, you can play around with the design more. Baths can be brought with jets, free-standing or joined to the wall.  

Hopefully some of these cost-effective upgrades may suit your bathroom to improve its visual appearance. Call Vic’s Plumbing & Heating to give you a hand to install or repair your bathroom fittings. Or if you decide that you need a complete bathroom make over and just a few bathroom upgrades won’t do the job then we will be happy to provide you with a quote to completely kit out your bathroom.